Vendor Information

Office Hours - *Vendors Only**Solo para proveedores*

Friday/Viernes: 9am - 12pm, 1pm - 5pm

Monday/Lunes: 9am - 12pm, 1pm - 5pm

Thursday/Jueves: 9am - 12pm, 1pm - 4pm

Closed: Tuesday & Wednesday / Cerrado Martes y Miercoles 

8 x 10 Space *Picnic Table Included*

$25 - Saturday

$35 - Sunday

$40 - Saturday and Sunday

Covered Space *Picnic table Included*

$50 - Saturday and Sunday

Jumbo Space *Jumbo Picnic table Included*

$60 - Saturday and Sunday

Storage Space

$55 - Saturday and Sunday

$220 due prior to move in

8 x 10 Puesto *Mese de Picnic Incluida*

$25 - Sabado

$35 - Domingo

$40 - Sabado y Domingo

Cabina Cubierta *Mesa de Picnic Incluida*

$50 - Sabado y Domingo

Cabina Gigante *Mesa de Picnic Incluida*

$60 - Sabado y Domingo

Storage Space

$55 - Sabado y Domingo

$220 antes de mudarse

  Fleamarket San Antonio, Inc. Rental Agreement Rules and Regulations Revision; 12.01.2008


1. All vendors must pay rent and receive receipt prior to setting up. Fleamarket San Antonio, Inc. is not responsible for any display materials or merchandise on the premises. Vendors are responsible for their property. Fleamarket San Antonio, Inc. is not responsible for any loss, including by fire, theft or weather. Vendors are responsible for insurance of their property. Vendors assume all risks and responsibilities for their employees and business conduct.


2. Spaces not occupied by 10AM may be re-rented by management without refund. No loaning or subletting of spaces. All vendors must be open at 10AM and not close before 6PM.


3. Hours open to the public are 10AM to 6PM. Gates open for sellers at 7AM on Saturday and Sunday. Gates are closed at 10PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.


4. Vendors may stay overnight in rented space with merchandise Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights only with payment of overnight fee.


5. Sales tax permits and collection of taxes and other governmental requirements is the responsibility of the Vendor. City of San Antonio Fire Code 2003 Sec 906.906.6 Requires all enclosed buildings to have a working fire extinguisher with current test certificate attached, size 5 lbs type ABC or larger & it must be visible when open.


6. One picnic table will be provided with each selling space. All merchandise, tables and displays are to be kept behind the yellow line. Do not hang or place anything between spaces that will be offensive to your neighbor or block the view of their merchandise. Flea market picnic tables are to remain under the pole barn.


7. There is approximately 20 feet of vendor parking directly behind most spaces. Do not block road behind selling spaces or buildings. Vehicles may be moved to parking lot and parking area can be used as additional selling area.


8. The management retains the right to be sole provider of prepared food and drinks on its premises. Any vendor who desires to offer for sale uncooked foods, fruits and vegetables, etc. must obtain permission from the management and comply with all Health Department regulations. City of San Antonio requires Produce vendors to have mobile vending food license.


9. As of 1/1/2005 Animals /Pets are no longer allowed. City Ordinance sec.5-12 ord. no 96563 551, 10-10-02. Banned items for sale include firearms, ammunition, fireworks, drug paraphernalia, obscene materials, counterfeit logos and labels on apparel, complete list available at office. Management reserves the right to restrict the sale or display of any items it deems not in the best interest of running an orderly market.


10. Vendors are responsible for clean-up of their selling and parking area. All garbage and paper trash is to be put in the dumpsters located around the market and not in the small cans located in the center aisles. All boxes must be broken down flat. All unsold merchandise must be removed from the property or moved into the buildings after each weekend. The management will assume that any items found on the market Monday morning is trash and will be disposed of accordingly.


11. All permanent construction is to be done by Fleamarket San Antonio, Inc. Several designs of backdrops are available at reasonable costs. Any signs to be hung permanently must be of standard size and must be approved by management prior to installation.


12. No vehicles, including trailers are to be left on the premises during the week without permission from management and payment of storage fees.


13. Vendors with tarps or backboards must leave 2 foot opening at the top for air circulation indicated by the 2x6 across the back of your booth. This opening should not be blocked by merchandise, signs or other obstructions. Opening is required to be open at all times except during rain, heavy winds, and cold weather.


14. Electric plugs will not carry heavy electric loads, and may not be used for hot plates, air conditioners, electric heating, cooking or excessive lighting. Vendors may not install extensions cords to run permanent electricity within your booth. No extension cords are to be left on the premises during the week. All electrical work is to be done by Fleamarket San Antonio, Inc. approved / Licensed Contractor.


15. Vendors are expected to dress appropriately including shoes, shirts and no offensive signage on clothing.


16. Children must be under vendors control and at vendors rented space unless accompanied by an adult.


17. Loud or boisterous noises are prohibited including loud demonstration of sound and musical instruments or equipment.


18. Water is for restroom use only. Restroom sinks are for washing hands and face and not for bathing, showers or washing clothes. Vendors with motor homes, campers or trailers are not allowed to fill water tanks from water supply. Holding tanks or drain water can not be dumped on property.


19. Arrangements for permanent spaces must be made in advance at the office. If vendors wish to reserve the same selling space on a continuous basis, you must pay for the following weekend, seven days away, in order to insure your space will be held for you. Deadline for advance payment is before office closing time on the Sunday prior to the weekend. If not prepaid, $10 Late Fee will be applied Friday morning at 9AM.


20. If there is a reason for cancellation, call the office and get credit authorized for the next weekend only. No one day cancellations accepted. If you cancel and your selling space has merchandise, tables, backboards, displays, trailers, etc., you will be charged for your space and no credit will be made.


21. Vendor parking refund coupons are good for vendors and vendor employees only. When presented to office for refund, coupons must be filled in and must be accompanied by a current paid vendor receipt. Refund good only on the weekend of the date stamped on the coupon. Vendors are limited to two refunds per day per space.


BOOTHS; All booths are 8x10 paved and under cover. Each booth is provided with a picnic table included in your rental fee. Most booths have a 10x20 parking area behind the booth. Rate is $40 for the two day weekend no refund.


BUILDINGS; All buildings are constructed directly behind the booth. Rate is $55 per weekend no refund. All buildings require a one year commitment. Building rental requires last four weeks and the first weeks rent to be paid before move in. Then each week rent must be prepaid at least one week in advance.



Assignment of spaces and any exception to the above policies is at the sole discretion of the management.